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Maximizing Health: Supporting Surgery with Alternative Medicine
Written by: Dr. Terry Ycasas

The biggest decision I have ever made was last year when I decided to move forward with top surgery. As an alternative health care provider, I don’t typically participate in Western medicine. I can be suspicious of Western medicine’s over-reliance on pharmaceuticals for the treatment of symptoms while dismissing natural remedies and the importance of overall holistic wellness. But I also believe in supporting people being comfortable in their bodies. I scheduled my surgery for February and made a commitment to myself to being as healthy as possible by using alternative wellness resources prior to and after the surgical procedure.
Now, three months post-op, I can say that my recovery has been phenomenal. I believe it is a direct result of my pre- and post surgery wellness regime. This was confirmed by the surgeon who quipped that I was an A-plus patient and a nurse who commented that they should write an article on my recovery process! I initially chuckled at the idea of an article being written about my healing. However, upon reflection, and as an alternative care provider dedicated to holistic health, I realized how important it is to share what I learned so others have the same opportunity for maximizing their recovery. After all, I had benefited on others’ stories and resources to help me prepare for and recover from surgery.

As my contribution back to the community, I want to share information about what helped me through my journey. I can’t guarantee or promise that your experience will be the same as mine, as we are all different and unique individuals. But I want to share any information I can that may help improve someone else’s chances for a better healing journey.

Scar Tissue Reduction

Dr. Paau uses acupuncture techniques to reduce scar tissue from top surgery.
The work she does:

  • Reduces discoloration, nodules, and lesions of scar tissue.
  • "Wakes up" the traumatized tissue to alleviate numbness and restore normal sensation
  • Reduces stiffness and tightness