Patients Reviews
Sally is FABULOUS! I went in for a decompression session and as I drove away I felt the stress melting away. I haven't felt so relaxed in months. I can't recommend Sally enough.

Jen M.
Dr Ycasas is awesome! His comprehensive knowledge is very effective. I definitely recommend him for the huge improvement I felt in a short time. Thank you!!

LaYa A.
Dr Ycasas exceptionally kind, friendly and awesome! His comprehensive knowledge is very effective. He truly cares about his patients and their well being. I’m beyond thankful to him for the significant improvements I feel since the beginning of my treatments. I wish I can give this doctor 10stars.

Laya A.
For a number of years I have been affected by chronic neck pain and tension causing near daily headaches often debilitating migraines. Upon first meeting with Dr. Terry, I immediately felt their genuine desire to properly diagnose my issue and develop an effective treatment plan. Other chiropractors never seemed to take my issue seriously or give me any sense that there was a way to improve the root cause of my health trouble. Dr. Terry wanted to understand how my headaches impacted my quality of life and worked with me to set specific goals for tangible improvement. I was sent for a very thorough radiologic study and Dr. Terry informed me of the actual biomechanical cause for my suffering. This validation was so life-altering! We set about a treatment plan as a team. Dr. Terry performed many different modes of healing in addition to chiro adjustments, while checking in with my progress regularly and giving me tools and exercises to further increase my results on my own. I felt better informed and more empowered than ever before. I’m happy to know that I have a partner in better health and function, not just someone who is interested in a quick fix or is happy to continue giving treatments without end. I have referred multiple friends to Dr. Terry and will always continue to do so!

Yolanda C.
Dr. Ycasas’ thorough and expert care enabled me to heal from injuries sustained in a pedestrian/vehicle collision. I left each treatment astounded at how much personalized care, and how comprehensive their treatments were, amazed that Dr. Ycasas was able to administer multiple therapies in a single, brief treatment that lessened my pain level, and improved my range of movement drastically. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ycasas to anyone seeking care for pain or injury, or who is interested in chiropractic care for achieving optimal function.

Cindy S.
Teri has always provided excellent care. Listening and coming up with solutions and care plan. Overall would recommend their expertise and experience

Leigh N.